Sunday, April 24, 2011


Week 1:  Video, The Bible vs the Book of Mormon.  A brief and compelling revelation:  there is vast Geographical, Historical, and Archeological evidence to support the truth of our Biblical beliefs.
Week 2:  Does science support the Book of Genesis?
Week 3:   Video:  Cataclysm from Space 2800 B.C.  A scientific model for the Biblical flood, and a quick look at the possible motivations of Biblical critics.
Week 4:  Fulfilled Biblical Prophecy.  A historical examination of 12 Biblical prophecies, and their fulfillments.
Week 5:  The Messianic Prophecies of the Old Testament Fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
Week 6:  Video:  Expelled, Ben Stein. 1 hr 45 min.  A collection of views generally supporting the Bible from science.

"FOUNDATIONS OF OUR FAITH, Part II".  Part II is designed to help the Believer to effectively share their faith.  Tom Leger, with Goodseed USA (In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho), will give an introduction on 17 May 2011, and will share his personal experiences.  Young adults all the way up to seniors will earn how to share their faith using tried and proven methods that attract the curious, and avoid confrontation.   A 16 week, non-denominational course.  Selections from "The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus" by John R. Cross.  This course is designed for the church layperson to allow them to answer the questions they may have themselves, and most importantly to answer the questions of co-workers, relatives, and non-believers when they are asked,  Why do you believe that this Bible and this God stuff is real?
Begins Wednesday, 17 May 2011, 7 PM, Kingston Baptist Church, (208) 659-2768,, for course overview and directions please visit our website:  .  There is no charge for this series of courses.

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